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Orly Airport Luggage Storage 2024

Lugagge storage in Orly Airport

Orly Airport isn't the biggest in Paris; that honor goes to Charles de Gaulle. But Paris Orly Airport is still a significant transportation hub, welcoming more than 30 million passengers every year. It is the main airport in France for domestic flights and is often the choice of budget international flights within Europe too. For many people, Orly airport is the gateway to the French capital. And while the arrival immigration hall may not be the most promising place to begin a vacation, things only get better from there.

Navigating Orly Airport and Paris itself is a lot easier if you can find a place to store luggage. Not having to carry heavy bags around with you means your trip will get off to a good start. Here are your options for luggage storage at Paris Orly Airport.

Where can I find luggage storage in Orly Airport?


Unlike the larger Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly Airport doesn't have baggage storage. That means you'll need to find a place to store luggage close to the airport by yourself. Luckily, it isn't hard to find luggage storage facilities in Paris, and there's bound to be a storage facility that meets your needs.

How does luggage storage work?


Many businesses offer luggage storage services, from hotels to storage facilities. It allows you to store your luggage for a fee, usually by the day or week. This can be useful if you're arriving in Paris before check-in time at your hotel or if you're leaving town and need somewhere to store your bags for a few hours. Luggage storage is generally very safe, though it's always a good idea to double-check the reviews of any facility before you leave your belongings there.


What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?


Luggage lockers tend to be self-serve. Often found in airports and train stations, luggage lockers allow you to store luggage for a few hours or longer. Often found in train stations like Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon, luggage lockers can be a useful way to store bags. However, they are often limited in size, meaning storing luggage that's on the larger side can be difficult.


A luggage storage service offers more of a concierge option for baggage storage. Often operating out of a storefront or even a café or restaurant, a luggage storage service can store luggage of almost any size. Some, like Bounce, also offer insurance to give you additional peace of mind.


There's no storage of either kind at Orly Airport, unfortunately. That's why you'll need to find a luggage storage location

somewhere nearby.


What Is The Best Orly Airport Luggage Storage App?


 Bounce is one of the best storage platforms and here's why:

  • They have dozens of luggage storage partners near Orly Airport, as well as hundreds more across Paris. This means you're sure to find a storage option that meets your needs.

  • And because all bookings have to go through their website or app, you can be sure that your belongings are safe and secure. It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage with Bounce, so why not give them a try?

  • All your luggage is insured for up to €10,000 with BounceShield protection.

How much does Bounce’s Orly Airport luggage storage cost?


You'll find Bounce luggage storage in Paris just about everywhere. But whatever location is most convenient for you, expect to pay €5 per bag per day.


How can I book Orly Airport luggage storage with Bounce?



What are the other luggage storage options in Orly Airport?


Alternative luggage storage near Paris Orly Airport


You'll find several options for luggage storage in Paris.​

  • City-Locker also provides luggage storage near the center of Paris for as little as €2 per bag, but none of their locations are convenient for Orly Airport.

  • Consignes operates a bag storage near Paris Gare de l'Est, but it's a long way from Orly Airport.


There are a few other local luggage storage companies in Paris, but they're not as convenient as Bounce. Here's why:

First, Radical Storage only has locations near the center of Paris, whereas Bounce has dozens of locations near Orly Airport. This means you're sure to find a storage option that meets your needs.

Second, all bookings have to go through their website or app, so you can be sure that your belongings are safe and secure.Finally, all of your luggage is insured for up to €10,000 with BounceShield protection. So if something happens to your belongings while they're in storage, you're covered.

In short, Bounce is the most convenient, safe, and affordable option for luggage storage near Orly Airport.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


If you're staying in a hotel, chances are they offer luggage storage. This is usually free of charge, but it's always best to check with the hotel beforehand. Many Airbnbs also offer luggage storage, so if you're staying in one of these properties, be sure to ask about this service. If your hotel or Airbnb doesn't offer luggage storage, don't worry - you can always use Bounce. Just book online or download the app, and we'll help you find a convenient storage option near Paris Orly Airport.

Useful Information about Orly Airport


Paris Orly Airport is located in the southern suburbs of Paris. It's the second busiest airport in France, handling around 33 million passengers each year.

There are two terminals at Orly Airport - Terminal South and Terminal West. Terminal South is mainly used for domestic and European flights, while Terminal West handles long-haul flights.

If you're looking for things to do near Orly Airport, you can visit the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre Museum, or Notre Dame Cathedral. If you want to explore the city center, you can take the RER B train from Orlyval Station.

Nearby facilities include a post office, several restaurants and cafes, a pharmacy, and an ATM.


Best restaurants near Orly Airport


If you're looking for a quick bite before your flight, there are plenty of restaurants near Orly Airport. There's a McDonald's and a KFC if you're in the mood for fast food. For something a little more substantial, you can try La Table du Huit or La Brasserie Flo. If you need a coffee to go, there are also several cafes nearby, including Starbucks and Le Café des Voyageurs.

How do I get to Orly Airport?


Orly Airport is located in the southern suburbs of Paris. The easiest way to get there is by taking the RER B train from Paris. The journey takes around 30 minutes and costs just under €10.

If you're coming from the city center, you can take the Orlyval shuttle train from Antony Station. The journey takes around 15 minutes and costs €12.60.

Taxis are also a convenient option for getting to Orly Airport. The journey takes around 20 minutes and will cost you between €30 and €40.

How early should I arrive at Orly Airport?


For domestic flights, it is recommended that you arrive at least two hours before your scheduled departure time. For international flights, it is recommended that you arrive at least three hours before your scheduled departure time. Keep in mind that these are only recommendations - if you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend arriving even earlier.

Can I store my bags inside Orly Airport?


Unfortunately, Paris Orly Airport doesn't have its own luggage facility. That's why you'll need to find a place to store your bags nearby. Check out the Bounce app to find locations where you can keep your things while you travel.

Can you rent a locker at Orly Airport?


No, there are no lockers at Paris Orly Airport.

Looking for additional luggage storage in Paris? Check out Gare Montparnasse  and the Louvre Luggage Storage.

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