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Paris Bercy Station Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in Paris Bercy Station

If you are looking for luggage storage near Paris Bercy Station, you will want to be sure that you are looking into the best secure luggage storage options for your needs. Traveling can be really inconvenient when you have to drag your bags behind you unnecessarily. Make things easy on yourself and work with the right luggage storage service near Paris Bercy Station.

The station itself is actually the least busy mainline station in Paris. This might be a breath of fresh air if you've already navigated the likes of the chaotic Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon. Paris Bercy handles roughly 4.3 million passengers every year, and if you want to call it by its full name, it's Gare de Paris Bercy Bourgogne - Pays d'Auvergne.

Where can I find luggage storage in Paris Bercy Station?


There is no option for luggage storage, left luggage services, or lockers inside Paris Bercy Station. Nearby Gare de Lyon has some for you to use, but you're better off looking a little outside the station for the most convenient options.

Bounce's luggage storage facility near Bercy Station is in nearby Bercy Village at the IBIS Hotel. It's just a short walk from the station through the scenic Parc de Bercy, so the walk is always pleasant. This is one of the busiest Paris train stations, so be sure to use the handy Bounce app to navigate you through the crowds to the storage location you have been looking for.

How does luggage storage work?


Luggage storage is a secure way to store your bags for a flat rate per bag. This is a very secure way to ensure that your luggage can be safe near Paris Bercy Station without trying to use luggage lockers or other self-service storage options for your luggage. Having your hands free while you are having fun can make all the difference in your stay in Paris.

Train stations are one of the most common stopping points that you might use to get from place to place, and Bounce can help you to find storage for your things at Gare de Lyon, Gare de L'est, and various other stops along the train routes. Storing your bags outside the train stations is a better policy for safety, and it makes pickup and drop-off much easier.

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service near Paris Bercy Station?


Luggage lockers are usually self-service, and they are almost always more expensive than luggage storage services. These storage points are less secure and are typically placed in hallways where anyone might have access to them. A luggage storage service like Bounce will provide you with easy online booking through a quality app, simple pickup and dropoff, and really good security for your bags. You will also get the benefit of insurance for your bags that are stored.

What Is The Best Paris Bercy Station Luggage Storage App?


Bounce is the best storage app and website for your Paris Bercy Station storage needs. You can count on Bounce to offer quality services for your luggage storage near Gare de Bercy, as well as a simple and effective pickup and drop-off process.

  • Bounce has dozens of luggage storage partners near Gare de Bercy, as well as many more spread out across the Paris area.

  • All bounce bookings come with a $10,000 Bounce guarantee. This means that you can leave your bags and know that they’ll be covered no matter what. All bookings have to go through the website or app, which makes them very secure.

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage near Paris Bercy Station when you work with Bounce.

How much does Bounce’s Paris Bercy Station luggage storage cost?


The cost to store luggage with Bounce at Paris Bercy Station is 5.00 € per 24 hours for each bag that you want to drop off.





How can I book Bercy Station luggage storage with Bounce?

What are the other luggage storage options in Paris Bercy Station?


Local Luggage Storage near Paris Bercy Station


CITY-LOCKER - Gare du Nord & Gare de l'Est

This luggage locker storage location is in the Paris Bercy area and is easily accessible from the street. You can store your bags here for 12.00 € a for the hours between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

Stow Your Bags - Luggage Storage - Gare du Nord

This convenient luggage locker location offers you luggage storage near Gare de Bercy based on a quoting process on their site. They also have locations all across the city.


Luggage Locker Paris

For €6 per bag per day, you can use this luggage storage service near Paris Bercy Station. Don't let the name throw you, this storage facility is actually in a mobile phone store.

Bounce offers superior luggage storage near Paris Bercy Station through the use of its quality app and its excellent hours for dropoff and pickup. You can easily find your luggage storage near Gare de Bercy with the app, and the flat rates are fair. You will get insurance for your bags as well, and you can trust that your bags will not be exposed to the eyes of people thinking of stealing them.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


Hotels often only allow the storage of baggage for those who are waiting for their room to be ready. You usually can't walk in off the street and store bags with them. But, if you're staying at a hotel close to the station, check with your hotel as they might offer this service to paying guests.

Airbnb locations might offer you the option to store luggage as well, but this will vary by the property owner. Check the listing or ask your host directly whether or not this service is available.

And if you can't use either of these options, don't forget that Bounce is here to help with convenient locations spread out all over the city.

Useful Information about Paris Bercy Station


This is one of the seven main train station locations in Paris. You can easily head to Gare de Bercy station to navigate all over the city. Gare de Bercy is located right near the Seine, and it was created to offer some relief to the traffic at the nearby Gare de Lyon. This station's name also refers to the Bourgogne and Auvergne regions that are served by trains coming through this station.

Best restaurants near Paris Bercy Station


Bouchon & Bistro is a great sit-down dining option near this station. You can also find great coffee at Cake Life Coffee. There is a Five Guys near this station as well, and the Naan-Stop is a great place for a healthy and quick Indian meal.

How do I get to Paris Bercy Station?


Metro lines M14 or M6 to Bercy station will easily get you here. You might also be able to park and walk into the station, but parking is expensive in Paris and might be far away from the station. Buses 71, 72, and 87 will also get you to this location.

You can also take a cab or rideshare, but these will be the most expensive options.

How early should I arrive at Paris Bercy Station?


You will want to remember that this is a train station, but it is not as busy as places like Gare de Lyon. You should be able to get through the station in about ten minutes. Just make sure that you are aware that you are about a 15-minute walk from a lot of the other things to do in this area.

Can I store my bags inside Paris Bercy Station?


You can't store your bags inside the station and will have to look for storage locations that are nearby. Bounce offers a convenient and secure option just down the street in Bercy Village.

Can you rent a locker at Paris Bercy Station?


There are no luggage storage lockers in this station. You will need to store your bags at luggage storage locations outside the terminal.

Looking for additional luggage storage in Paris? Check out Gare Saint Lazare and the Gare Montparnasse Luggage Storage.

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